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Fire fighting water tanks and heat tanks,

Did you know that over 50% of all new sheds do not have a water tank installed! The installation of water tanks around the house and shed in regional areas allows rural fire fighters to quickly refill their tankers and get back to the job of putting out fires that pose a huge risk to people and property, especially in times of heat and drought; 

  • Fire fighting water storage tanks made of PE
  • Fire fighting water storage tanks made of concrete
  • Fire fighting water pumps


Besides that GEP offers a wide range of Hot water storage tanks, heat tanks. This heat tanks are supplied with hot and cold connections, and two dip tubes to circulate water through the heat source, and in and out of the tank;

  • Heat tanks of concrete
  • Heat tanks of PE




Bluswatertanks voor voldoende bluswater,

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Thermal Storage

Tanks and citerns for Thermal storage

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(Water) Cellars

Prefab cellars made of concrete

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