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Grey water recycling, use your water twice

An average person can save approximately 70 liters of tap water and approximately 44 liters of waste water per day. And even more in hotels. Re-using water reduces tap water and waste water costs. The grey water system will pay for itself after a few years, it also reduces the amount of unnecessary pumping up of groundwater. The grey water coming from the shower, sink and bath tub is discharged to a storage tank. The slight poluted grey water is first treated biologically. The biologically treated water is then forced through a membrane filter after which it is stored in a clean water tank. The water is then pumped up, according to demand, to a secondary water supply system. This water supply system is connected to the washing machine, garden taps, urinals and toilets. If the clean water tank is running low on water, it can be refilled from the rainwater tank. If the rainwater tank is also running low, the system automatically switches to tap water; Grey water, use water twice Grey water, save water Grey water, recycle water

Grey water filters

Filters for the filtration of grey water, coming from the bathtub and shower,

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Grey water managers

Watermanagers for the recycling of grey water, from the bathtub and shower,

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