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Reliable drainage of waste water

In situations with long horizontal drainage pipes and large portions of land below sewage level a lot of pumps are required to transport the rainwater and waste water from one point to the other. This also means that often pump systems are required to pump the waste water to the sewerage system. Prior to transporting the waste water it first needs to be collected in a tank or shaft. GEP has a wide assortment of pumps for both waste water and rainwater. ; 

  • Pump pits for rainwater, stormwater and waste water
  • Pump shafts for rainwater, stormwater and waste water
  • Waste water pumps, drainage pumps and submersible pumps

Sump pumps

Pompputten en pompschachten voor vuilwaterpompen,

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Wastewater pumps

submersible pumps for rainwater and wastewater

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septische tank

Septic tanks

Septic pits en tanks for housing wastewater,

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