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Pumps for rainwater, waste water and tap water

GEP has a wide assortiment of pumps. This includes self priming rainwater pumps, submersible pressure pumps for rainwater, submersible pumps for waste water, but also disconnection systems for tap water. Any project has a suitable pump system thanks to the wide assortiment of pumps. Discover the different options below. Pumps for rainwater Pumps for waste water Pumps for tap water


Pumps for rainwater, self priming pumps and submersible pressure pumps for rainwater,

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Waste water

Pumps for waste water and submersible pumps for pump pits for the drainage of waste waster,

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Mains water

Pumps, UV filter systems, breaktanks type AA and type AB for safe mains water, according to EN1717, catagory 5 water,

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