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For every building a suitable rainwater harvesting system

Water, or the lack of water, is becoming an ever increasing issue and needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. Climate change, over extraction of water resources and population growth are largely to blame for the current and future areas of water stress. Filtered rainwater can be used to flush the toilet, in washing machines and in the garden. An IRM™ rainwater harvesting system from GEP makes this possible; in a safe and reliable manner. Rainwater harvesting gives great benefits with little effort;

  • Saving mains water, more than 50%
  • Flood reduction due to storage rainwater tanks and usage
  • Complies with BREEAM and KIWA

Vrijblijvend advies over uw regenwatersysteem

Vrijblijvend advies over uw regenwatersysteem
GEP Regenwater voorziet u graag vrijblijvend van advies over de aanleg van uw regenwatersysteem. Als specialist in dergelijke systemen kunnen wij een installatie op maat ontwerpen. Wenst u meer te weten te komen over de mogelijkheden? Neemt u dan contact met ons op!


Rainwater pumps

Pumps for rainwater and IRM- Rainwater harvesting systems,

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Rainwater filters

Rainwater filters for rainwater harvesting, residential and commercial buildings,

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Rainwater Tanks

Rainwater tanks, bladdertanks, and tanks with integrated rainwater filter,

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Stormwater management

Infiltration modules, drainage cells and infiltration rainwater filters,

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