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For a safe disconnection between the water network and your indoor installation

A break tank is a reservoir which is placed between the water gauge and one or more connection point. Break tanks are also known as disconnection tanks. Such break tanks are applied where a where an interruption of the water supply is necessary or mandatory. The most important reason for using a disconnection tank is the prevention of contamination of the water network due to the presence of dirt particles in case of back flow of the water; 

  • Breaktanks, typ AA and AB disconnection, according EN1717
  • Tanks for drinking water
  • UV Filters for disinfection of water



Break tanks

Breaktanks met type AB en AA onderbreking conform EN1717

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Ondergronds en bovengrondse tanks voor opslag van drinkwater,

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UV Filters

Desinfectie van water middels ultraviolet technologie.

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