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Thermal Storage

  • Tanks for thermal storage

    Energy Citerns

    The energy citerns are made from concrete and are used for underground installation that are equipped with heat exchangers. The energy citerns have a function as thermal storage and as a source for heat pump systems and heat recovery. The concrete energy citerns are supplied with pre-assembled heat exchanger, they are available from 2,600 to 20,000 liters.

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    Tanks for thermal storage

    The Thermal storage tanks are available in different types, there are thermal storage tanks for underground horizontal installation, but they are also available as above-ground models. The aim is the storage of heat for example with thermal solar energy, heat pumps, etc. There are also concrete tanks available that are equipped with a heat exchanger for heat pump systems and heat recovery; - Tanks for thermal storage, lying underground - Tanks for thermal storage lying aboveground - Tanks for thermal storage standing aboveground - Tanks for thermal storage standing underground - Concrete tanks for thermal storage underground.

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