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Water Bags

Water Bags:

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Rainwater Bags


GEP Water bags are the ideal solution to also use rainwater for renovations and existing buildings. A water bag system is suitable for the crawl space so no digging is needed. So basically a water bag for the use of rainwater is a nice alternative to a traditional rainwater tank or rainwater citern. There are different ways to install a water bag rainwater system. When the rainwater is intended to be used for toilet, washing machine and garden, it is advisable to place the water bag and the shaft in the crawl space. When the rainwater is only used for the garden, the shaft can also be placed outdoors. Consider, for example, a water bag under a deck or terrace. This makes the shaft easily accessible to disconnect the garden watering system during periods of frost.


What are the benefits of a water bag?

  • A water bag can be obtained at any desired size. A water bag is therefore suitable for every home.
  • The installation of a water bag is very simple. Normally a water bag is placed in a crawl space, in the basement or in the attic. Often it can simply be done by yourself.
  • There is no digging in advance and the water bag has hardly any maintenance costs.