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Grijswatersystemen met capaciteit tot 6.000 L/day


Greywater, not to be confused with rainwater, is to use Water twice! So recycling water from bath and shower, so again: greywater is not the use of rainwater. With greywater systems, the greywater from the shower, sink and bath is taken to a collection tank. The lightly contaminated greywater is first cleaned biologically there. By means of a computer-controlled aeration, the water is actively cleaned by bacteria that reduce the organic contaminants. The biologically cleaned water is then passed through the membrane filter after which it is stored in the clean water tank. From the clean water tank it is dependent on the secondary water pipe via a pump. This water pipe is connected to washing machine, garden taps, urinals and toilets. If the clean water tank threatens to go empty after frequent use, it will be replenished from the rainwater tank. If this rainwater tank is also empty or not present, the system automatically switches to drinking water. GEP has various (small) greywater systems in the range for residential construction. Gray water, we recycle!