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(Water) Cellars

(Water) Cellars:

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Wide Cellar

The prefabricated basement is more of an interest than ever. A relatively small investment gives a lot of extra space to a home. This extra space yields a surplus value of the home with a larger volume.
Prefab cellars are the ideal solution for creating an extra storage space. A prefabricated basement can be used for countless purposes, such as cool storage, wine cellar, laundry room, extra space for children, storage space .... They are also ideal for placing under garden sheds or under a new building, such as a garage or veranda. That way your home will still get the extra space you need. The access to the basement is determined by you according to the desired position of the stairway.


GEP has the ideal solution with its prefabricated concrete basements, our prefab concrete basements can be placed both above and below ground. For you as a user, the basement offers extra living space in every respect: in m2 and in possibilities. All space to fill in and use in your own way. A number of advantages of the prefab basements in a row:

Cellars are made of high quality self-compacting concrete
Cellars are adjustable in height to 2.70 m
Cellars also have a foundation function
Unique production process with 100% guarantee of water tightness
Standard stair opening 200 x 80 cm (adjustable if desired)
Standard equipped with 2 ventilation openings with waterproof socket DN160
Basements are equipped with Anti-lift flange
Basements have a recessed cover plate with integrated rubber seal
Basements are equipped with 4 lifting loops
A prefabricated cellar can be placed in a day
Reduction of the construction time, so that source dewatering is reduced to a minimum
Our prefab concrete basements fit under every home Cellars offer a high added value of the home